Support Programs

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    Support on the path to educational success
    Many students experience some form of difficulty or challenge during their educational journey.  We strive to help students overcome barriers to learning and place them on the path to fulfilling their educational goals. Here are some of the programs that help us accomplish this goal.
    Title 1
    This federal program provides assistance to students who fall just below grade level. Title 1 services enrich student time at school with customized instruction and curricula that help students meet academic standards. In order to obtain Title 1 funding, Oak Harbor Schools must have 35% or more of its students in a school receiving free or reduced meals. All elementary schools receive Title 1 funding to support reading, writing, and math interventions for preschool through fifth grade.
    Title 3
    This federal program provides academic language support to students registered as Native American or Alaska Natives. These students receive support in class and are eligible for homework support after school.
    Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
    This program is funded through Washington State to supplement the state’s Basic Education Allocation and serves eligible students who need intensive academic support in reading and writing. Supplemental support is provided in addition to regular class instruction in the subject of need. All district elementary schools receive LAP funding for instruction. Student eligibility to receive services is based on several factors including test scores, and district and classroom assessments. For more information, contact Carolyn Blossom at 360.279.5047.
    Speech Services 
    Our schools provide speech/language therapy to students with educationally-significant communication impairment. Students in speech therapy have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with speech/language as an area of service. Speech therapy is usually provided in small groups or one-on-one in a separate classroom.  Parents with concerns about their child's communication development can contact the child's teacher or call 360.279.5158.  
    Transitional Bilingual Education
    Transitional Bilingual Education is provided to students who qualify for academic English language support. Students from kindergarten through high school receive educational support at school, and homework support is offered after school for secondary students (grades 6-12).
    For students in grades K-4, please contact Marisa Croucher at 360.279.5186
    For students in grades 5-8, please contact Christy Kiansten at 360.279.5544
    For students in grades 9-12, please contact Ema Shirk at 360.279.5777


  • For more information on our support services for students, contact Kathy Sharkey, Special Programs at 360.279.5073.