One Measure of Student Progress
    Student grades are one source of information for families about their child's learning. Like all evaluation tools, they should be considered within the broader scope of a child's overall progress. In that framework, grades can be:
    • A tool to evaluate student schoolwork.
    • A means of communicating about a student’s performance and potential for further success.
    • A source of motivation to students for continued learning and improvement.
    • A means of organizing a lesson, a unit, or a semester in that grades mark transitions in a course and bring closure to it.
    • A feedback mechanism to provide students with feedback on their own learning, clarifying for them what they understand, what they don’t understand, and where they can improve.
    Grading also provides feedback to teachers on their students’ learning with information that can inform future teaching decisions. Here in Oak Harbor, students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public School's board policy. (link)  Families can expect student grades to be issued during the following time periods:
    • Elementary school grades are issued every trimester
    • Middle and high school grades are issued at the end of each quarter and semester
    Family Access Online 
    Families can stay connected with their student's progress by utilizing Family Access, an online program that keeps parents up to date on student grades, attendance, test results and more. To learn more about Family Access, visit your school's front office, attend a user information night for families, or find instructions here on how to stay in the loop.  Skyward's Family Access.