Ms. Hwang

  • Dear Students and Families,
    Welcome to Ms. Hwang's kindergarten!  I'm happy to be back in kindergarten where I started so many years ago!  I spent more than 10 years in first grade in between and enjoyed that very much also.  Full-day kindergarten is a wonderful experience for students and includes early literacy activities with letters, sounds, rhyming and reading, and math activities with hands-on materials and an introduction to addition and subtraction.  We also take pride in opportunities to grow socially with "purposeful play" time and various literacy and math "choice" times.   Factor in writing, science, and social studies and our days are full but fun!
    I truly believe that one of my most important jobs as kindergarten teacher is to give my kiddoes a fun first year of school where they can begin a lifetime of learning and enjoy the process! 
    Ms. Hwang


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    Ms. Hwang
    Kindergarten Teacher