Ms. Bishop

  •  Dear Students and Families,
    Welcome to Fifth Grade! I am looking forward to spending the year with all the new students at Oak Harbor Intermediate School. I love to travel, read, and enjoy the theater. Last summer, I spent part of my time exploring countries in Europe. This summer I enjoyed reading and planning for the year. I also enjoy supervising the OHI Flag Team and the Safety Patrol. The first days of school we will cover get to know each other activities, beginning of the year assessments, rules and class expectations, and establish the daily routines. We will also spend time organizing notebooks and reviewing procedures in class.
    Organization and time management are essential for success and a life skill. Agendas are communication, organizational, and time management tool for your child. Agendas have been purchased by the school for each student. I will be utilizing them again on a daily basis to help each student continue to develop his/her organizational skills. Agendas will be used to record daily homework assignments, weekly assessments, and special projects, and is an integral part of the classroom routine.
    The agenda will be kept in your child’s regular notebook/binder. The notebook and agenda will go home each evening and needs to be returned to school the following morning. Inside the notebook will be any school communication, homework assignments, all classroom work for the term, and assigned special projects. Please ask to see the notebook every night and sign the calendar on the given day. My expectation is that each student keeps all papers assigned during the grading period in the notebook and that the agenda is kept up to date with assignments.
    I am looking forward to a positive and productive year.
    Ms. Bishop


  • Bishop
    Special Education, Grade 5
    Office Hours
    8:00 a.m. - 8:55 a.m. 
    3:25 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.
    Please note that I am outside every day with the OHI Safety Patrol so times may vary.  Making an appointment works best.