Ms. Evett Morgan-Mueller

  • Dear Students and Families,

    A little bit about me; I was born in Oak Harbor, attended K-12 in Oak Harbor, and graduated from Oak Harbor High School. (GO WILDCATS!) I have a Bachelors' degree in Criminology/Sociology and another Bachelors degree in Education. I also have a Masters of Arts in Teaching. I have been married to my spouse forever; we have a daughter who attends University.

    I thank you for your positive influences and involvement with your child. You have been and will continue to be your childs most important teacher. Thank you…I will only build upon your success. I anticipate a great year with you and your families, of both academic and personal growth. My primary goal is to continue to prepare your child for “ the real world”.

    Please contact me directly with concerns about your child. I am here to ensure a safe academically rich environment with plenty of humor along the way!


    Mrs. Morgan-Mueller




  • Mrs. Morgan-Mueller
    Grade 6 and Grade 5
    English Language ARTS!
    Social Studies
    Office Hours
    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology/Criminology
    Bachelor of Arts, Education
    Master's, Teaching