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    In the 8th grade, students will become proficient with the core concepts in social studies. Students will develop an understanding of how geography, civics, and economics apply to US history from colonial inception through the Civil War and Reconstruction, including connections to current events. Students will use a variety of skills, including: summarizing, critical thinking skills, compare and contrast, analysis, inference and prediction as well as supporting analysis with evidence. The main theme of the course will be connecting the past to present, and understanding the historic foundations for modern events. The honors courses will expand on these themes and go more in-depth into the guiding principles of American history. Though the honors classes will cover the same content, collaborative projects, book circles, reenactments, and supplemental materials will enrich the course and allow individual exploration into topics of American history. I look forward to working with you this year! Sincerely, Mrs. Turcott
    Ms. Turcott
    US History, Honors US History
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    Ms. Amy Turcott
    US History, Honors US History
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