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    I am thrilled to be teaching fifth grade Language Arts and social studies this year! This is my eighth year teaching, and I have previously taught grades 5-12. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a major in English and earned my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. My goal as a teacher is to make learning engaging, memorable, and valuable.
    For ELA, we will start the year off with reading The Giver. Throughout the year, students will read a wide-range of fiction and non-fiction, apply critical thinking skills, and produce various forms of writing. In addition, students will practice their public speaking skills.
    For social studies, we will be starting off the year with Geography. Following, we will explore the history of the United States and cover vital events, such as the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Students will also learn map skills, vocabulary, and how specific events have shaped us today.
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    Ms. Laryssa Scheepers
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    Bachelors, Secondary Education and major in English
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