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  • Dear Students and Families,
    For the second year in a row, the music theme at CHE is: There's a World of Music in Each of Us!  Music teachers, Dr. Gore and Mrs. Russell, hope to hear from you what type of music or instruments your family has experienced in the past.   We'd like to connect that to what is happening in our music classroom.  If you have a song, an instrument, or a dance you can share with your child's class or others in the school, please let us know.  
    In 2018-2019, each grade is responsible for at least one evening concert or musical within the year and the performance dates are already on the school calendar.  Every student sings and moves in their grade’s performance, and some will choose to audition for a speaking or singing solo.  All rehearsals take place during music class, except for soloists who meet during lunch recess or after school for several weeks prior to the performance date.   I’ll ask for your written permission before casting your student in a solo role.  Students gain confidence and pride from these excellent performances!
    When students are not preparing for a concert or musical, they are busy making, moving to, learning about, and listening to music of many types.  This includes use of their singing voice, rhythm instruments, xylophones, drums, and, for third graders and up, recorders.  The goal is music literacy for every student by the time they reach fourth grade, no matter how they will use music in their futures. 
    Dr. Elaine Gore
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