Cameron Cornell

  • My name is Cameron Cornell. I am the Life Skills Teacher at Olympic View Elementary.

    I have taught students with special needs in self-contained classes for ten years now. I worked at an elementary school in South Central Los Angeles for five years, and I have worked here at Olympic View Elementary for five years. I hope to retire from this school, teaching this class. It has been an extraordinary experience. Oak Harbor is a wonderful community, and this school in particular has such a positive, welcoming atmosphere.
    Our main classroom priority is to provide a safe, calm and rigorous atmosphere for our students. Our educational program is individually tailored to each child's particular strengths and needs, but the long-term goal is the same for everyone: we want our students to achieve the maximum level of independence possible by the time they are 21 years old and they exit the public school system. In order to achieve that outcome, we strive to create meaningful short-term objectives that will scaffold their independence as adults.