Learning Resources

  • Homework
    Homework in third grade is completed each week. A packet will be sent home on Monday and returned on Friday. The homework is based on Common Core State Standards, which they will be assessed on later in the year.  Each night your child should dedicate some time to focus on the math and reading standards through their homework.  The homework gives the students practice with skills already taught in the classroom. Reading is very important at home and at school. Your child should practice reading at least 30 minutes a night. Your child should work on the math assigned page each night to give them daily practice. They will also be responsible for learning their spelling words, which will be assessed every Friday. Homework will be checked every Friday, but is not always graded. I record a grade on effort. If your child turned their homework in on time and it was completed then they get full credit.   
    It is the responsibility of the student to work on improving their performance in the classroom. Students will receive a letter grade in the subject area as follows: (O) outstanding, (S) satisfactory, (P) making progress, and (N) needs improvement. Their grades are based on daily classroom performance and assessments.