Mr. Jason Schmid

  • Dear Students and Families,

    Welcome to a new year in STEM! I look forward to getting to know you and your child. Here are the most important ideas and policies in my classroom. Your child (and you) should become familiar with them.

    Respect: Give it, Get it. Without respect, the educational process breaks down. Disrespect, overtly or covertly, is not tolerable.

    Accountability: You control what you do (i.e. whether you do work, turn your work in, behave well or behave poorly). Blaming others for what you do and do not do is not acceptable.

    Communication: Understanding each other is key. I will communicate as clearly as possible with you and your child so that my expectations are clear. I use Family Access, Google Classroom and email as my primary communication tools.

    Technology: Has its place in school and we will use various technology-based tools when warranted. In class, personal technology items are not allowed, unless previously arranged with me.

    I put a high priority on teaching scientific process, math concepts and applications, critical thinking, problem solving, and observation skills. Through development of these skills, your child will grow and begin to look at the world through a new, more informed and thoughtful lens. Here’s to a great year!


    Mr. Jason Schmid

    Math Course 2


  • Mr. Jason Schmid
    Mr. Jason Schmid
    Grade 6 STEM
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