How to get a yearbook?

  • The 2020/21 yearbook will be for sale starting Tuesday, June 8!

    • Dates: Monday, June 8 through Tuesday, June 22 – absolutely NO sales after June 22!
    • Times: Before School (7:45 am–8 am), during both lunches, after school (1:30 pm–3 pm) – absolutely no sales during class time!
    • Location: ASB Cashier's Office, A115 (Mrs. White's Office)
    • Cost: $50 (Cards, Cash and Check are accepted – no online sales!)

Looking for an old yearbook? 

  • Every school year in the fall, there is an opportunity to purchase yearbooks from previous years. Note: We cannot sell old yearbooks during any other time of the year. Please review the following link to determine the available yearbooks for purchase. To purchase your yearbook, please contact the yearbook staff at to share your interest. Yearbooks should be picked up and paid for at the high school's ASB Cashier's Office in the school's front office Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Cash, check, and cards are accepted. Online payment is not available. If you don't live in the Oak Harbor area, we can ship the yearbook to you at a nominal fee. 


    • Previous Year: $40
    • 2 years ago: $30
    • 3 years ago: $20
    • 4+ years ago: $15
  • The yearbook staff will review all photos & determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.