Mr. Baur

    My name is Scott Baur and I am passionate about introducing your child to the benefits of being physically active and making healthy life choices. 2022-23, marks my seventh year at Hillcrest Elementary as a P.E. Instructor and Intermural Activities Coach.
    Here at Hillcrest Elementary, we teach a variety of sports, physical activities, and healthy eating habits. Students receive one hour a week of structured P.E. instruction. Please be sure your student wears athletic shoes on his or her scheduled P.E. days. We encourage kids to stay active at home by playing games, going for a walk with their family, or participating in extracurricular sports.

    The program has been designed to focus on four main areas contribute to one’s physical health and well-being:

    • Cognitive/Academic content: The student receives the knowledge and tools to become physically fit and healthy, the ability to set realistic goals, and the capability to make connections between Physical Education and academic success.
    • Motor Skills: The student learns developmentally appropriate movement concepts and skill themes. For the primary level, this includes how we travel (i.e. running, skipping, hopping), changes of directions and speeds, different ways to balance, jumping and landing, and basic motor skills such as throwing, kicking, volleying, and striking. In the intermediate grades, students are taught how to use these fundamental skills in games, sports, gymnastics, and various forms of rhythmical movement.
    • Wellness Concepts: Children will be given opportunities to develop positive attitudes and enthusiasm towards fitness and learn strategies to stay healthy. Some of these concepts include bicycle safety, nutrition, and ways to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.
    • Social/Emotional Content: Students learn how to safely participate in Physical Education and will be given opportunities to practice positive social interactions. Social skills (i.e. Kindness, courtesy, respect) will be practiced and reinforced throughout the program.

    We will have a rewarding and fun-filled year and I am happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.



    Scott Baur


  •  Scott Baur

        Scott Baur
        P.E. Teacher