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    A Syllabus is an educational plan that is created for you to follow and teach curriculum remotely (at home). The syllabus is used to build your Student Learning Plan (SLP). We have built many syllabi for you to use. Use the Forecaster Tool link below to tell us which curriculum you intend to use remotely to teach at home. 
    Forecaster Tool Tell us which approved curriculum you would like to use. We will use your selections to form a Student Learning Plan. 
    All Approved Syllabus Document This document allows you to see which curricula have been approved.  If it's blue, click the link to view the details of the syllabus. Use the tabs at tkhe bottom of the document to navigate to K-8 English, K-8 Math, K-8 Science, K-8 Social Studies, K-8 Art/Foreign Language/PE, and the approved High School Credit curriculums.
    Curriculum Information- This document provides many helpful details about each approved curriculum.
    Syllabus Generator - This will be sent to you if you indicate "New Curriculum" on the Forecaster Tool. The Curriculum Review Team (CRT), will meet monthly to review, approve, or deny these requests based on criteria adopted by the team.