School Lunch Program

  • All Oak Harbor Schools offer a National School Lunch Program. Students receive a complete and nutritious menu, and they may select individual items and only pay for what they select. Students may use cash to pay but are strongly encouraged to use their student accounts. Parents are encouraged to pay ahead so their student does not have to carry cash on a daily basis.
    HomeConnection menu is the same as the elementary menu.
    Elementary School Lunch 
    Regular: $2.75
    Grades 4-5 Reduced: $0.40
    Grades K-3 Reduced: no charge
    Adults: $4.25

    Secondary school lunch 
    Regular: $3.00
    Reduced: 40 cents
    Adults: $4.25 

    Free or reduced-price lunch and breakfast 

    As a part of the National School Lunch Program, some students may be eligible for a free or reduced price lunch. Learn more

    Nutrition information 

    You can learn all about the nutritional content of foods served in the schools. This is especially useful for students with special nutritional needs. The district looks at those needs on a case-by-case basis in an attempt to develop a meal plan that works for every student. 

    Information for families