Build a School on the OHPS-Owned Fields Bond Proposal

  • If the bond is approved by 60 percent of the voters on February 14, 2023, the measure would fund construction of a school at the Oak Harbor Public Schools-owned fields at Fort Nugent Park. With hundreds of new homes expected to be built in the area in the next few years, the school would address the growing population in the area, while also improving walkability and school bus routes for students. The land, purchased by OHPS for the purpose of school construction, currently includes soccer fields and a baseball diamond. The design of the proposed school would maintain a majority of the fields and would add additional parking and play areas for community use after school hours. 


Proposed Site Design

  • fort nugent site design


    • Build at OHPS fields purchased for the purpose of school construction

    • Maintain community-use fields on the back of the property and allow community use of school site during non-school hours

    • Expand capacity of students

    • Improve walkability & bus routes

    fort nugent site rendering