Rebuild Hand-in-Hand/HomeConnection Bond Proposal

  • If approved by 60 percent of the voters on February 14, 2023, the bond measure would rebuild Hand-in-Hand/HomeConnection (formally Clover Valley campus). Due to it's location, it is eligible for 80 percent reimbursable funds from the Department of Defense to move and rebuild this school, but only if the bond is approved and construction begins within the next five years. The school, which houses an early learning center and a family partnership educational program, was built in 1951. The school is currently overcrowded and is not equipped to serve the needs of the students it serves. Additionally, the school needs to be moved because it is currently in a military training flight path.

Proposed School Design

  • hand-in-hand and homeconnection rendering


    • Maintain current school during construction & build on federal property on Regatta Drive adjacent to Olympic View Elementary School

    • Additional Child Care Programming & classrooms

    • Grow family partnership program

    landscape of HIH


    building layout HIH