Rebuild Crescent Harbor Elementary Bond Proposal

  • If approved by 60 percent of voters on February14, 2023, the bond measure would rebuild Crescent Harbor Elementary School. Due to it's poor condition and location, it is eligible for 80 percent reimbursable funds from the Department of Defense to rebuild this school, but only if the bond is approved and construction begins within the next five years. The school, built in 1961, is overcrowded and is currently using eight portable, temporary classrooms to accommodate the number of students. Additionally, the school was recently ranked number one in the nation for buildings on federal land in need of repair. 

Proposed School Design

  • crescent harbor elementary school rendering 


    • Build adjacent to current school & maintain current school during construction
    • Build on current site & maintain current school during construction

    • Move away from busy road

    • More space for learning

    landscape view

    Building Layout:

    building layout CHE