Student Safety

  • On and around campusGirl

    Walking To and From School
    If your child walks to/from school, please review the following to ensure a safe trip:

    • Follow the planned route
    • Always walk on sidewalks when available
    • Walk with a partner or a group
    • Never talk to strangers
    • Cross the street only at appropriate places; use crosswalks

    Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades and Heelies
    Students in grades 3-4 are permitted to ride their bicycles to school. Bicycles are to be locked in the bike rack, located by the parent pick up area. During school hours, bicycles are to be walked when on school property. Signs are posted around the school reminding students to keep bicycles off sidewalks (AT ALL TIMES PLEASE).  We have had several “near misses” when students ride around a corner and meet school staff coming out of the building late at night or on the weekend.

    NO ROLLERBLADING and NO SKATEBOARDING signs are posted around the school as well.  We have experienced a few teen-aged skateboarders on Crescent Harbor grounds after school, on the weekends, and in the summer.  We are working with the Maintenance Department, Oak Harbor School District Security and the Oak Harbor Police Department to keep our facility “skateboarder free,” in order to prevent damage to our benches, sidewalks, and grounds.
    HEELIES with the wheels attached may not be worn to school. These present a safety risk for our students and they also scratch our beautiful floors.  

    Off-Limits Areas
    Our school is maintained and operated for the benefit of our students. However, common sense and safety consideration dictate the designation of a few off-limits areas where students are not allowed. These areas include the custodian’s room, P.E. equipment room, storage areas, staff lounge, office storage room and workroom, and the trash collection area. Students are expected to cooperate and refrain from playing or visiting in these areas.

    Toys/Games/Play Equipment
    Toys, games, cards, and play equipment from home can cause distractions and interruption to the learning process. The student also runs the risk of having these items stolen, broken, or lost. Therefore, toys, games, cards and play equipment from home are not allowed (Show & Tell is the exception) and will be confiscated and sent to the office. A parent will need to retrieve the item at their convenience.  Bakugan and Pokemon cards may not come to school, no matter the circumstances.