2022-23 School Supply List

  • Due to the incredible generosity of our community through local levies, Hillcrest families will only need to purchase two items for back-to-school: a backpack and headphones (no earbuds, please). Our schools are committed to providing the necessary school materials to ensure they receive a quality education in Oak Harbor Schools. We understand many families enjoy the process of purchasing school supplies.  If families still wish to purchase their school supplies, they are more than welcome to do so, but it won’t be required.  If your family needs assistance purchasing a backpack, please let us know and we will have one available for your child. 

    School Supplies - Below are examples of the supplies our schools are equipped with to ensure your child is ready for an #OHmazing education.  The specific supplies offered to our families depend on the courses, instructional model, program, and level of the classes in which each student is enrolled.

    Colored Pencils
    Pencil Pouches