Employees and Volunteer of the Year Awards

  • Every school year, Oak Harbor Public Schools recognizes OHmazing individuals as Employees of the Year in their respective fields. To be eligible for the Employee of the Year award, an individual must be nominated by their peers as an Employee of the Month. We also select one OHmazing Volunteer, nominated by staff and peers. The individuals selected display inspiration to students, staff, administrators, and the community. 

    The six categories are Administrator, Certificated, Classified, Substitute, Coach, and Volunteer.  Recipients for this school year are as follows.

Administrative Staff Member of the Year

  • Tyler Starkovich  |  Director of Information Services
    An administrator who is a champion for student success and has shown stellar leadership.

    TYLER STARKOVICHTyler Starkovich is nearing his fourth year as the district’s Director of Information Services. In his role, Tyler oversees all matters of technology for the district ranging from internet and building safety, technology and system deployments, working with tech coaches, and technical support and assistance district-wide for staff and families. During his tenure in Oak Harbor, technology has become a much more relied-on resource, and Tyler has made incredible improvements in his department that have led to great success in our district. He is described as an action-oriented, positive leader who is always willing to go above and beyond. 

Certificated Staff Member of the Year

  • Robbin White  |  Nurse  |  CHE, OVE, HIH, HC
    A certificated staff member who is admired by peers and promotes a love for knowledge.

    ROBBIN WHITERobbin White joined OHPS in 2004 and was one of only two nurses in the entire school district. In the past eighteen years, she’s worked in almost every school building, with Crescent Harbor Elementary, Olympic View Elementary, Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center, and HomeConnection being her designated schools in 2021-2022. This school year, she also worked alongside the nursing team in tents, parking lots, and classrooms to support staff, families, and students with Covid testing and contact tracing throughout the pandemic. Her coworkers describe Robbin as deeply caring about the students and staff's health and well-being, working tirelessly to help wherever help is needed. Her willingness to lead and serve is an example of the health team's positive impact on our schools. 

Classified Staff Member of the Year

  • Terri Frostad-Mebane  |  Principal’s Secretary  |  NWMS
    A classified staff member who has provided exemplary service in support of staff and students.

    Terri FrostadTerri Frostad-Melbane has been the Principal’s Secretary at North Whidbey Middle School for eight years. She started in Oak Harbor Public Schools in 2009, and before accepting her current role, she started in our district as a volunteer and substitute. While she was a substitute, Terri worked in every building in our district, except for one, before transitioning to a full-time paraeducator and then an office assistant. Well known at NWMS as the “Chaos Coordinator,” Terri is seen as having a big picture view of everything that needs to get accomplished while delegating duties and assigning tasks so that all the essential bases are covered. She is also described as the one to come up with creative solutions, provide assuring words for struggling students, take care of all staff members, and do it all with sparkling enthusiasm. 

Substitute Staff Member of the Year

  • Janet Fisher  |  Substitute
    A substitute employee who goes above and beyond 

    Janet FisherJanet Fisher came to work for Oak Harbor Public Schools to work in Accounts Payable in 2011. She had 20 years of experience in Coupeville before transitioning to Oak Harbor, which was an immediate asset to Business Services. In 2013, she moved to the Payroll department, where she shined! Six years later, Janet retired from full-time work but has returned to fill vital long-term substitute jobs on three different occasions. She is warm, kind, always has a smile on her face, and has a skill set that allows her to jump in and assist anyone in Business Services at the drop of a hat; the only obstacle is her camping trips!

Coach of the Year

  • Brian Farmer  |  Asst. Football Coach, Head Girls’ Wrestling Coach, Track Throwing Coach  |  Oak Harbor High School
    An athletic coach who has encouraged and motivated students to excel in their sport.

    Brian FarmerBrian Farmer has worked for Oak Harbor Public Schools since 1989 and has held many coaching jobs. He was a middle school wrestling coach and track coach spanning over twelve years. At Oak Harbor High School, he was an assistant boys wrestling coach, a head boys wrestling coach, and an assistant football coach. In addition, he has worked in the high school weight room. This school year, Brian was an assistant football coach, head girls wrestling coach, and throwing coach for the track team. He took athletes for both girls wrestling and track throwers to the state tournaments. Coach Farmer is described by his athletes as the spine of the team, the one to constantly push them forward in the ways they needed it, being confident when they felt unsure, and always an inspiration. This was his last athletic season, as after 33 years, Coach Farmer is retiring. He is loved and respected and will be greatly missed. 

Volunteer of the Year

  • Brandy Preston  |  Volunteer  |  Oak Harbor High, Hillcrest Elementary
    A volunteer who is enthusiastic about enhancing the education of our children.

    Brandy PrestonIt’s all about seeing the excitement on the student’s faces! That drives Brandy Preston and her extensive work on the PTA at Hillcrest Elementary School. Brandy started volunteering in our district in 2012 when she moved here from Georgia. She has volunteered in Crescent Harbor Elementary and North Whidbey School and then started at Hillcrest in 2019. She’s held board positions on the PTA at HCE, including Vice President, is the current President, and will hold that title for next school year as well. Brandy helps with all types of PTA events, including popcorn days, student store, movie nights, book fairs, and so much more. Her favorite is running the school spirit. “It makes my heart happy when I go to a class and surprise students with the news that they won the spirit month or year!” says Brandy. She also helps with weekly cookie sales at the high school. She’s described as reliable, really caring about the schools and the students, and being an all-around great human.