School Board Members

  • Lynn Goebel portraitLynn Goebel, President
    Lynn Goebel is a familiar face to Oak Harbor Public Schools.  A 30-year resident of Oak Harbor, Lynn retired from teaching in June of 2019 after serving students for 18 years. A 1981 Texas Tech graduate, Lynn has a strong passion for all students.  She expressed interest in joining the Board because she values the importance of education and helping students reach their full potential.  Her quest is to allow students who walk through the doors of Oak Harbor Public Schools the opportunity to become successful. Lynn now works as a consultant and has two kids, Gregory and Millie, who graduated from Oak Harbor High School. In her spare time, Lynn and her husband enjoy walking, biking, skiing, and boating.
    "I am very honored to serve the students, families, staff, and community of Oak Harbor on the Oak Harbor Public School Board."

    Position 1 | Elected 2019 | Term Expires 2023 | Email Ms. Goebel

    Jessica Aws portrait picture. Jessica Aws, Vice President
    Jessica Aws is a recent resident of Oak Harbor and is the current youth librarian of Oak Harbor Public Library. She earned her bachelor's degree in anthropology and a minor in history from the University of Washington in 2009.  She pursued her master’s degree in medieval archaeology from the University of York a year later and received another master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University in 2014. No stranger to the classroom, Jessica partnered with teachers from Oak Harbor High School to teach a course on fake news last spring. An avid hiker and gardener, Jessica is a world traveler and a self-proclaimed animal lover.
    "I see this as an excellent opportunity to become a greater advocate for students and families in this community, and to bring a fresh perspective to the governance of the Oak Harbor School District.” 

    Position 2 | Appointed 2017, Elected 2019 | Term Expires 2023  |  Email Ms. Aws
    Bob Hallahan
    Bob Hallahan
    Mr. Hallahan and his wife moved to Oak Harbor in 1993 when he was assigned to fly EA-6B’s as a Navy pilot and completed five major deployments.  After he left the military, the couple stayed, raising and educating their two children. He is active in the community and recently served as a volunteer assistant scoutmaster for Oak Harbor’s oldest Boy Scout Troop. He also works on behalf of the environment, speaking and writing on climate change and leading a citizens’ group advocating solutions. Bob studied natural science at the University of Notre Dame and holds a master’s degree in National Security from the U.S. Navy War College. He worked as a local realtor for several years and now is a commercial airline pilot. His hobbies include backpacking, bird watching, and gardening.
    “I am inspired to serve as a way to give back to the community while remaining close to the lively energy and creativity that youth bring to the world.” 

    Position 3 | Elected 2015, Reelected 2019 | Term Expires 2023  |  Email Mr. Hallahan    

    nicole tesch Nicole Tesch
    An Oak Harbor native, Tesch is currently employed by Amazon Web Services.  Her previous work experience includes many government agencies, such as Anacortes, Oak Harbor, and Island County. These experiences led her to understand how to read and follow Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

    Tesch has five children, four of which are in Oak Harbor Schools, three attending Broad View Elementary, and one at Oak Harbor Intermediate. A staple in the community, Tesch has been highly involved in several groups, like the PTA, managed the Whidbey Island Marathon, and assisted in the effort to fund the pavilion and west kitchen at Windjammer Park.  She was also the co-chair of the Citizens for Better Schools Campaign, which led the successful effort to pass the district’s levy in 2021. 

    "I have a strong track record of placing students first and will work tirelessly on behalf of our community to ensure the quality education in Oak Harbor Public Schools continues.” 

    Position 4 | Appointed 2022  | Term Expires 2023  |  Email Mrs. Tesch

    sharon jensen Sharon Jensen
    Jensen is a finance and human resources manager for CONE Architecture. She has a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Washington and nearly 20 years of experience in accounting, budgeting, and hiring. 
    Jensen has always considered herself a strong proponent of public education. She is the parent of four adult daughters who attended Oak Harbor schools. As a stay-at-home parent for 15 years, she actively participated in PTA and volunteered in leadership roles with after-school activities, clubs, and fundraisers. She also has extensive experience with mentoring and coaching youth of all ages.
    “I am committed to working together with my colleagues on the board, and the administration, to serve students, parents, teachers, and the public to the fullest extent. I promise to be open-minded and well-informed on all sides of issues prior to casting a vote and, with a listening ear, will always welcome comments from the public.”
    Position 5 | Appointed 2023  | Term Expires 2023  |  Email Mrs. Jensen
    Thinalyn PortraitThinalyn Ramier, Student Board Member

    Thinalyn was selected out of four student finalists selected to interview for the position.  During her interview, Thinalyn spoke about her experiences in high school taking AP courses, participating in student leadership opportunities, and joining NJROTC. These opportunities led Thinalyn to apply for the Student Representative position as she looks for additional venues to impact her community. An active member in the community, Thinalyn spends time as a member of the Garry Oak Society, helps with the non-profit Food In Heaven, is a youth group instructor, and is American Red Cross AED and CPR certified. She remains busy at Oak Harbor High School serving on the ASB Cabinet and has participated in school sports like basketball, volleyball, and most recently swimming.

    Selected 2021  |  Term Expires 2023  |  
    E-mail Thinalyn Ramier
    Josiah PortraitJosiah Villano, Student Board Member
    Josiah joined the OHPS School Board in September 2022. The Oak Harbor native has a strong desire to represent the voice of his peers and improve our schools through listening, adapting, and implementing. Josiah is a member of the OHHS Key Club, enjoys various volunteering opportunities, plays volleyball anytime he can, and has a love for music. 
    As a member of the Jazz Band, Josiah has competed regionally several times and played in a large ensemble at the state level. He plays the trombone in the band, but he also enjoys the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. With continuing his passion for music, Josiah plans to study aerospace engineering after high school.
    Selected 2022  |  Term Expires 2024

Board Terms & Election Information

  • Oak Harbor Public Schools Board Directors are elected for four-year terms on odd years. There are five positions, three of which are up for election in the same year, with the other two positions being up for election in the subsequent election two years later.

    Positions 1, 2, and 3 were last elected in November 2019. These positions will be up for election in November 2023. Positions 4 and 5 were last elected in November 2021. These positions would be up for election in November of 2025. However, both directors in positions 4 and 5 have resigned prior to the completion of their terms. The open positions were filled by appointments as required by WSSDA and OHPS policy. The directors filling these two positions are appointed to serve until the next election regardless of when they began their service. Therefore, all five positions will be up for election in November 2023. In order to resume the three-year, two-year rotation, positions 4 and 5 will serve two-year terms beginning in November of 2023 until the next election in November of 2025. Positions 1, 2, and 3 will serve four-year terms, with the next election for those positions in November of 2027.