First Round of Interviews

  • The district appreciates the interest of the community in participating in the superintendent search process and looks forward to feedback from a representative group of stakeholders.  

    The first round of interviews is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 26, beginning at 7:30 a.m. The Board plans to interview six invited applicants for the first round.  This interview will take place in an Executive Session with 12 invited guests.  These observers will be made up of six district employees representing the teacher's union, classified staff, building administrators, and district administration. The next six slots are reserved for parents/community members who will be randomly selected.  

    The interviews will take place during an Executive Session with invited guests.  The meeting Live Stream is available here.


    1. All observers must commit to a full day of interviews (7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.) to observe all applicant interviews on Saturday, Feb. 26. If an observer must leave early, their feedback will not be considered by the Board out of fairness to all of the other candidates. 
    2. Masks must be worn at all times inside the district office. Exceptions will be made when eating or drinking. 
    3. The purpose of the observer is to provide written feedback via a Google Form to the Board as to how well the applicant meets the desired superintendent characteristics, as determined by community surveys and stakeholder meetings. The purpose is not to rank applicants, nor to pick a favorite. 
    4. Observers will observe applicant interviews only. They will not be invited to participate in the Board’s debrief or discussions. 
    5. Observers will not comment or ask questions during the interviews. Only the Board, based on advice from the search consultants, will determine and pose all questions to the candidates. 
    6. Observers should not confer amongst each other, nor with non-observers, about any candidate interview during or after the interviews. 
    7. Only Board members will determine which applicants advance to final interviews. Such a determination will be made after all first-round candidates have been interviewed and after the Board has had the opportunity to review input from the observers and to deliberate. 
    8. Lunch will be provided for observers.


    The six parent/community members were selected by a lottery with two alternates during the Feb. 14 School Board Meeting.

    • Observer 1 - Marisa Croucher

    • Observer 2 - Nicole Tesch

    • Observer 3 - Thomas Molnar

    • Observer 4 - Joseph Busig

    • Observer 5 - Fe Mischo

    • Observer 6 - Amber Williams

    • Alternate 1 - Patsy Ramirez

    • Alternate 2 - Evett Morgan-Mueller

First Round Interview Timeline