Update Regarding COVID-19 | 1.13.22

  • Like much of the state and country, we are experiencing a high number of student and staff absences due to illness. Thankfully, our incredible staff members have stepped into different roles to fill the gaps to continue with in-person learning. Our goal remains to continue to provide in-person instruction for our students. However, a temporary (1-3 day) shift to remote learning is possible for a classroom (K-6) or school (K-12) only if our absences continue to increase. 

    Please read the following information carefully. 


    A school would temporarily pivot to remote learning if staff absences become too high to provide in-person instruction. Typically, it would be a few days of remote learning to allow cases to settle and for those infected to meet the appropriate isolation and quarantine requirements. Rest assured, the district’s priority is to continue in-person learning as long as we can continue to do it safely. 

    We are prepared to adjust to a temporary remote learning instruction method and maintain appropriate learning contact time to meet the state’s requirements. If this happens, your child’s teacher(s) will communicate class-specific directions directly to families. 

    The district will try to provide at least a 24-hour notice before closing a school and transitioning to remote learning to allow families and staff an opportunity to prepare for this temporary change. Our students in grades 5-12 have already been issued Chromebooks. Students in grades K-4 would be given their Chromebooks before a switch to remote learning. In addition, information about remote learning schedules, lunches, electives, and meals will be directly communicated to families. 


    Recently, our district announced the Test to Stay Program, which allows unvaccinated students identified as close contact and symptom-free to remain in school with a negative COVID-19 test administered by a school nurse. Unfortunately, the recent increase in COVID-19 cases has exceeded the number of tests our nurse team can administer. For this reason, our district is pausing the Test To Stay program for students until further notice. We will continue to follow the guidance from the Island County Health Department for isolation and quarantine guidelines. 


    Principals will now be communicating weekly about COVID-19 cases occurring in schools instead of daily. Schools will communicate the number of student and staff positive COVID-19 cases on Fridays. Contact tracing will continue, and every time a positive case is reported, those families will be contacted immediately.

    As a reminder, the district’s Dashboard is updated daily and can be an excellent resource for families who want to know how many cases are in each building. The Dashboard ONLY displays the number of positive cases of students and staff on campus with the potential of spreading. This differs from the Island County Public Health’s (ICPH) dashboard reporting cases in our county and community. 


    It’s important to note that the district is only preparing to pivot and will only transition to remote learning if necessary. We want our families to know that contingency plans are in place. 

    Thank you for your continued support and partnership. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school.