OHPS Decision Tree

  • The OHPS Daily Attestation flowchart is to guide families in deciding whether to send their child to school or not. The goal of the attestation is to keep sick children and those exposed to COVID at home so they don’t expose other students or staff.  

    Each morning, begin with Step 1: “Does your child display ANY of the following symptoms?” If the answer is “no” and your child does not display any symptoms then begin Step 2. If the answer is “yes” then your child should be kept home unless their symptoms are caused by a pre-existing condition such as asthma or allergies. If your child stays home, please call the school to report the absence.

    As long as your child has had no contact with a confirmed COVID-19 positive individual, then they are welcome to come to school that day. If your child is considered a “close contact” or has had any COVID exposure, we would ask that you call our school to provide further details.   If you are unsure if you should send your student to school, contact us for help.  We are happy to walk you through the process.

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