• Homework

    Students will be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a night, math homework will be provided from Mrs. Steimer, and I may have extra work on some days.


    Student progress is represented by one of four numbers:

    • 1 - Below Standard

      • “I’m still unsure about this.”

      • Far from reaching grade-level standards

      • Would need a great deal of support to reach standard (get a 3)

    • 2 - Approaching Standard

      • “I’m getting there.”

      • Close to standard, but not quite there 

      • Would need some additional support to reach standard (get a 3)

    • 3 - Meeting Standard

      • “I’ve got it!”

      • Mastered grade expectations

      • Has shown expected learning

    • 4 - Exceeding Standard

      • “I’ve gone above and beyond!”

      • Demonstrated abilities beyond grade expectations

      • NOT Extra credit / additional work

      • NOT Always attainable in all content areas

    Report Cards - Family Access

    Elementary report cards are issued at the end of each trimester and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy. Parents can view their children's information by checking online in Skyward Family Access, a secure system that allows you to check attendance and more. Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to our school front office about Family Access or learn more here. Skyward Family Access.