Alternative Learning Programs

  •  Students at Midway High
    Midway High School
    Midway High School is an alternative learning extension of Oak Harbor High School. The program is designed to provide educational options for students that are struggling with the traditional school environment. The program offers a blend of technology-based courses and small-size classroom courses in order to provide more flexibility and more one-on-one contact with the instructors. The program currently includes about 100 part-time and full-time high school students.
    iGrad Academy
    In 2014, Oak Harbor Schools initiated a new program called iGrad Academy to help locate at-risk students that have either stopped coming to school or had other mitigating factors that precluded them from attending.  Through this reengagement program, students are offered ways to return to school and become successful or earn their diplomas through online learning.  iGrad Academy is offered in partnership with an organization called Graduation Alliance. Resources offered to at-risk students include a teaching mentor and technology so they can participate with online learning to meet graduation requirements. 
    Ray Cone, associate principal at Oak Harbor High School oversees the program. Students are provided with a laptop, a local advocate, an academic advocate and access to tutors 24 hours a day. "This is an opportunity for students to move forward again, instead of becoming a dropout statistic," said Cone. "It opens a lot of doors for whatever path a student may choose to pursue and helps them turn over a new leaf."