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  • Partnerships in Education

    NOSC     VR-61    

    Thank you to NOPF, NOSC, VR-61 and VAQ-131 for partnering with us!
    Partnerships in Education is a community outreach initiative that partners a Navy command with a local public school. The purpose of these partnerships is to enhance the educational experience for all students and to give back to the community.
    The Navy commands provide various support to schools in the form of sweat equity projects, mentoring, and other special volunteer projects. Throughout the school year, the command Point of Contact (POC) for each partnership maintains communication with their partnered school to schedule volunteer activities.

    Commands wishing to enter into a Partnership in Education should contact the NAS Whidbey Island School Liaison Officer.  See below for more information.
    Patrigna Murphy
    School Liaison Officer
    Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
    Office: 360.257.6863
    Cell:  360.914.7431