• Orca Logo We, the staff at Olympic View Elementary, are committed to excellence in education. Our goal is to provide a safe environment that encourages active learning, responsible decision making, respectful social behavior, effective communication, and intelligent reasoning. We will pursue partnerships between home and school to help each student reach his/her fullest potential. It is our expectation that providing the students with these positive influences will result in effective learning


     At Olympic View Elementary, we believe:

    • All students are entitled to an educational program that accepts each child on his/her own level of intellectual, physical, social and emotional development, provides for the realization of the unique potential within each individual, and enhances the self-worth of each individual. 
    • All students will be challenged to achieve high expectations and to reach their maximum potential. 
    • All students can display responsible social behavior toward other individuals and groups in a diverse multi-cultural society. 
    • All students will be provided the skills to be life-long learners. 
    • All students will have an opportunity to foster their inherent creative talents and appreciation of aesthetic values. 
    • All students can learn and succeed.