• 2021 Island County Transition & Resource Fair!

    Recorded on Wednesday, April 14th  5:00pm-7:00pm

     Virtually explore services in our community in the areas of Developmental Disabilities (DDA) eligibility,  Social Security (SSI and SSDI), Advocacy, Guardianship options, Employment Services & Support, Able Savings Accounts and more!

  • Guardianship and Trusts

    Pathway to general or limited guardianship as well as trusts.
    Presented by Christine Thompson 

  • Benefits Planning

    Learning how to make your SSI dollars work for you.
    Presented by Melinda Bocci

  • DDA Eligibility

    Answering questions about who qualifies for DDA and how to apply.
    Presented by Leslie Kivett, Angela Bauer, Kyley Wegner

  • School to Work

    School to Work provides employment supports for qualified students enrolled in transition programs through DDA.
    Presented by Mike Etzell

  • Employment Agencies

    These agencies provide employment support for qualified students.
    Presented by Sherwood Community Services, Washington Vocational Services, Service Alternatives Inc.

  • Dignity of Risk

    Examining the importance of living a full life which may involve some calculated risk.
    Presented by Mike Etzell