Pandemic EBT Cards - Updated Address Needed

  • Pandemic EBT Cards- Updated Address Needed!

    Please update your child’s school profile with your most current address if your student qualifies for free/reduced lunch. To update your information, call OHI at 360-279-5300.

    Who: Students/Families who qualify for Free/Reduced Price School meals

    What: Pandemic EBT Cards

    DSHS and OSPI have been working together on our state's plan for Pandemic EBT for kids who qualify for free/reduced-price school meals.

     P-EBT cards will be issued automatically to eligible kids - no application is required to get these food benefits. Each eligible child will get their own P-EBT card and it will be mailed to the most current address schools have on record for that child.

    Kids who are homeless or highly mobile can use their school's address to ensure their P-EBT is mailed to a secure place and families can pick up their cards there.