• Growing a garden is like growing a community. We plant seeds of knowledge, cultivate healthy habits, grow with our community members, and harvest lasting friendships. We have a strong desire at Oak Harbor Elementary to build our community both within our school and our town and that is why we are passionate about continuing to develop our own community garden.

    The garden project has developed our sense of community and connect our students to the community they live in. During this project, students work in teams to develop a garden plan by researching best practices for growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout this project, gardening experts will come and discuss best practices and techniques to achieve an optimal growing experience.

    Students will use skills from math to measure temperature and time. They will utilize science to observe soil changes, water cycle patterns, and analyze the weather and climate. In addition, they will apply their social studies knowledge to study our community as well as business operations. All of these skills will be used to implement the garden project where vegetables will be grown, harvested, and donated to the community or families in need within our school setting.  

    Currently, our garden holds five beds and we have turned into a Rainbow Garden! Each grade has planted a different color in one of the beds. We also have strawberry rain gutters and a river of painted rainbow rocks.  

    We have also planted seed starts indoors. Our ultimate vision is a "Community Giving Garden" which is why we were very excited that we were selected for the Oak Harbor Educational Foundation Applied Learning grant to help fund the installation of a greenhouse.

    Growing a garden can be hard work, but we can't wait to share the fruits of our labor with the community of Oak Harbor and see the growth within our school and students.