2020-21 Snow Days


    We know that our Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable. Please take a few minutes to review the information below so you know what to expect when there is a weather event.


    Announcements will be made to staff and families via email, district website, mobile app notification, text messages, and social media postings as soon as a decision is made. Every effort will be used to make the announcement as early as possible for families to plan for this event. To ensure you receive timely communication, please verify your contact information in Skyward Family Access and inform your child’s school of any changes. 

    If snow or other weather conditions make it unsafe to report to school buildings, we will transition to complete Remote Learning with only asynchronous (online) instruction. There will be no late starts due to snow or weather events. The Early Learning Center will be closed for in-person learning, and there will not be in-person small group instruction or in-person special education instruction. Teachers will reach out to these families with Distance Learning opportunities for the day.


    This school year has been hard, and we know that many of our families are struggling. One of the most exciting days for students are those rare SNOW DAYS!  We remember the thrill of a “Snow Day” and would like students to spend a nominal amount of time indoors doing schoolwork and a maximum amount of time outside playing in the snow.  

    This allows students to enjoy a snow day without impacting the calendar.  Our teachers are creating Snow-Day asynchronous lessons. Some students may receive a sealed packet with outdoor activities, while others may find their activities online in their Google Classroom. The idea for these activities is to get students unplugged, outside, and learning while having fun. 

    If you have questions, please reach out to your child’s teachers.


    The first two “Snow-Days” will be very similar to our Unplug Day we hosted earlier this year. Every effort will be made to get your child away from the computer and performing as many activities outside as possible. If inclement weather continues and we declare a third snow day, we will move to a traditional Distance-Only school day, similar to the Distance-Only days we conducted the week of Jan. 4-8.