Emergency Bus Route Information

  • Not all inclement weather situations will result in school delays or closures. In the event that schools remain on a regular schedule but weather is a factor, we will move to designated snow routes.

    Please keep in mind:

    • Times are an approximation and may be affected by weather and road conditions
    • Times also do not reflect potential school start time delays, please add the appropriate amount of time that is announced
    • All stops are listed for any route that has a Bus Stop change. 
    • If you don't see your bus route, then no changes are scheduled for your route. 

Emergency Weather Routes

  • Route 28

  • Route 2- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 4-NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 7- CHE/OHI

  • Route 7- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 9- CHE/OHI

  • Route 9- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 10- CHE/OHI

  • Route 10- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 22- HCE/OHI

  • Route 31-CHE/OHI

  • Route 31- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 35- NWMS/OHHS

  • Route 42-HCE/OHE/OHI

  • Route 55- CHE/OHI