• Levies provide local funding that bridges the gap between what the state and federal governments pay and the actual costs of operating our schools. Levies support essential programs, staff, and services.  The most significant impact of local levy dollars is the flexibility it allows on the school district to address those areas of important need.  For example, you can see our list of items the levy has paid for in the past.  However, for the 2021 school year and beyond, local levy dollars are going to be far more important as we look to rebuild following the devastation that COVID-19 caused on our education system.

Oak Harbor By The Numbers

  • Classrooms 360 Classrooms District Wide
  • Languages 20 Different Languages Spoked By Families
  • Enrollment Nearly 6000 Students Served
  • Staff Over 750 Employees
  • Meals 500,000 meals served annually*

Our Budget

  • Local taxes coupled with federal dollars received through Impact account for nearly 16 percent of the district's budget. One promise we have made to Oak Harbor voters is to limit class sizes. You can see the list of our current class sizes below our budget.