• 2021 Levy Graphic The levy in Oak Harbor helps pay for all of the programs and services the state does not consider to be "Basic Education." The levy also helps bridge the gap for many underfunded programs.  One-seventh of the district budget comes from the levy and state levy match. While the current pandemic has limited many of these opportunities, the levy dollars from our taxpayers will be used to not only restore our #OHmazing programs but heal our students and families who were negatively impacted over the last year. 

    Here is a list of some specific items the current levy pays for:

    1. Art teachers, physical education teachers, advancement placement teachers, librarians, elective teachers, and basic education teachers to reduce class sizes.
    2. More instructional time (an additional 30 minutes per day)
    3. School safety (cameras, AEDs, lighting, fencing, remote door locking systems, health rooms, playground safety equipment)
    4. All athletics and activities, after-school clubs, 5th-grade band, CTE clubs
    5. After school tutor and activity buses
    6. Computers and technology and technology staff - This year, we issued Chromebooks to each student in Oak Harbor Public Schools
    7. Curriculum and instructional materials replacement and updates
    8. Secondary-level remedial/intervention services, including high school credit retrieval programs like APEX.
    9. Additional specific education staff and services for students with exceptionalities.
    10. Nursing Services
    11. Paraprofessionals and support staff
    12. Supplement school building budgets
    13. School supplies
    14. Custodians and maintenance staff
    15. Capital Projects, many that directly impact our sustainability goals and initiatives.
    16. Professional Development