Meal Pricing

  • The Free Meals Program is available through June 30, 2021.


    • Payment information
      Parents prepay for meals, with the cost of meals deducted from each child's account. When the account gets low, a balance slip is e-mailed home to give parents notice as to the balanced of funds available. An automated reminder on Family Skyward Access can be set up. Additionally, a phone message reminder on a low balance may be made.

      How to make payments
      Make checks payable to your student's school with the student name and grade on the check.
      At the elementary level, students can also give payments to their teachers or use a drop box located in the office. 

      Elementary emergency meal policy
      By district policy, students whose funds have run out are allowed to get three meals on credit. Information will again be sent home with the student to request parents to provide lunch payments.

      Free and reduced-price lunch and breakfast
      Students qualifying for the federally-subsidized Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program can receive BOTH lunch and breakfast at the reduced rates. Reduced breakfast K-12 is no charge and reduced lunch for K-3 is no charge. Learn more.

      Meal costs:

      Elementary School Lunch
      Regular: $2.95
      Grades 4 Reduced: $0.40
      Grades K-3 Reduced: no charge
      Adults: $4.45
      Milk: $0.40

      Elementary school breakfast
      Regular: $1.95
      Reduced: no charge
      Adults: $2.70
      Milk: $0.40 

      Secondary school lunch
      Regular: $3.20
      Reduced: 40 cents
      Adults: $4.45
      Milk: $0.40

      Secondary school breakfast
      Regular: $2.20
      Reduced: no charge
      Adult: $2.70

      Milk: $0.40