The Magnificent 5 of the Senior Year, Class of 2021 


    1. Key Staff: (360-279- Ext.) 

      1. Mr. Laiblin, Class Advisor                                       Ext. 5737
      2. Ms. Schulle, A.S.B. Director                                    Ext. 5822 
      3. Ms. Harasti, A.S.B. Bookkeeper                              Ext. 5818 
      4. Ms. White, Cashier                                                  Ext. 5709 
      5. Ms. Hilberdink, A-DI Counselor                              Ext. 5712 
      6. Ms. Chargualaf, DO-K Counselor                            Ext. 5713
      7. Ms. Mahoney, L-Q Counselor                                  Ext. 5714
      8. Ms. Waller, R-We Counselor                                   Ext. 5716
      9. Ms. Kellison, Wh-Z Counselor/Scholarships           Ext. 5710
      10. Ms. Otruba, Graduation Coordinator                      Ext. 5704
      11. Mr. Fleury, Administration/Graduation                 Ext. 5851  
      12. Mr. Salisbury, Administration/Graduation            Ext. 5701
      13. Ms. DeMarsh, Registrar                                          Ext. 5711/3801
      14. Ms. Jansen, Yearbook Advisor                               Ext. 5811

    2. Class of 2021 Officers: Keziah Rennes (President), Brenna Richard (Vice President & Secretary), Apria Hunter-Brown (Treasurer), Khiya Robinson (Inter High)

    3. Jostens: Scott Krenz Cap and Gown, Announcements, Class Rings, Spirit Wear (360) 653-9102 Last day to order Cap and Gown, Announcements, and Spirit Wear from Jostens December 18, 2020. 

    4. Yearbook Submission Deadlines:
      • Senior Portraits, Senior Rides, Baby Photos: December 4, 2020 
      • Senior Ads: January 8, 2021 

    Students will receive an email that will prompt them to upload their Senior Portrait through a personalized link – please don't email Senior portraits to the yearbook staff this year

      ➔ Please keep in mind that the portrait will be printed about 1 ½ x 2 inches big. We recommend that you submit a photograph that shows you from the waist up and is portrait-oriented (i.e. vertical). Clothing needs to adhere to Oak Harbor High School’s dress code. No 'selfies', no sunglasses, no props, hand gestures, or goofy pictures, please. Photos need to be of the student only, easily identifiable, and well exposed (not too light or too dark). Senior portraits that do not meet these standards will not be accepted by the yearbook committee. The photo does not need to be taken by a professional photographer, a photo from a quality camera is accepted. 

    Photos of Senior Rides and Senior Baby Photos need to be uploaded through the app “ImageShare”. Instructions are on the high school website and will be sent out via email.

    Detailed information regarding Senior Ads will be sent out via email to parents and will be communicated through the high school website and Facebook. Due to COVID 19, the process may be different than it has been in the last few years. 

    For more information, visit the yearbook website via our Oak Harbor High website at → Families → Yearbook. 

    1. Letters of Recommendations and Transcripts. Plan ahead and ask early. give teachers, counselors, and the registrar time to meet your requests. Last second requests are difficult to get done.