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    AT HOME REMINDERS:  Coming back to campus during COVID-19 will require a few additional steps at home each day prior to coming to school. Please take your student’s temperature each morning to ensure they do not have a fever.  If your child has a fever, they will need to remain home until they do not have a fever for 24 hours without medication.  For another safety check, all students will have their temperatures taken when they enter their homeroom and they will need to wash their hands.

    All staff and students will be required to wear masks at school as our District has directed per State Governor's order.  “Mask Breaks” will be worked into your student’s day including lunch and outdoor activities as appropriate.  Hybrid at school classroom days is as follows: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/ Friday.  Contact our front office at (360) 279-5300 if you are unclear on your student’s group.  Year-long Distance Plus (online only) students will maintain their schedules as they have been & may use this FAQ for general information purposes as they wish.

    CAMPUS:  For the safety of your child please be aware, adult supervision and access to buildings will be provided only during school hours.  At 8:20 AM students may enter campus and proceed directly to their homeroom classrooms for handwashing and temperature checks.  The school office is open for appointments and calls from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. with COVID-19 safety measures required during visits.  Please call ahead to make appointments.

    REPORTING YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE: We want your student to participate in all instructional activities each day. Thus, please schedule your student’s appointments outside of school hours. Nonetheless, we understand when children are not well or when appointments must occur during the school day. School absences must be reported to the attendance secretary by 9:30 am to avoid an absence call. You may call 360.279.5303 or email ohisattendance@ohsd.net.  When your child returns to class, you are required to provide a written note including the date and reason for the absence. The attendance policy may be obtained via office staff or on our website.

    SHOW IDENTIFICATION: For the safety and privacy of the children and their families, we do ask everyone to present photo identification at the front office at every visit regarding a student.  We strictly adhere to this policy and carry it out the entire school year regardless if we recognize you.


    Students may be released from school during school hours by an authorized individual only.  Before being released, the person seeking to remove the student must present valid identification that matches authorizations on record as supplied by the student’s parent/guardian.  Authorized individuals will be required to provide a written record of the release on our attendance sign-in/out rosters.  Students will be called out of class upon the arrival of an authorized individual to the office and will not be called out of classroom instruction time early to wait in the office.  Due to the end-of-the-day logistics, we are unable to fulfill student release requests within 10 minutes of the dismissal bell.  If you feel you have an urgent issue or emergency requiring special consideration, please see the front office staff who will do their best to accommodate your needs.

    DROP OFF & PICK UP:  Please be mindful of your speed and attention when driving to, from, and on campus for the safety of all students.  You may drop off students at 8:20 AM at various safe locations on/around campus, at which time they may enter campus and head directly to their homeroom classrooms.  You may pick students up in the parent pick-up line accessed via SW 3rd Ave after school.  Please remain in your vehicle as you will be greeted in line and your student will be called from the waiting area to walk to your vehicle.  This new policy provides controlled and safe distancing while students wait for pick up.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.  For detailed directions on our family pick up, drop off and parking policies, please see our webpage.

    VISITING & VOLUNTEERING: Keep in mind, we are limiting our allowance of volunteers this year due to COVID-19 safety protocols.  All visitors must sign in/out at the front office and answer the COVID health question upon every visit to the campus beyond the front office.  All visitors must be escorted while on school campus or have completed a volunteer registration packet & been approved as a school volunteer, which includes a WA State Patrol background check.

    MEDICATION & HEALTH ROOM:  Rhonda Coker is our school nurse and she can be reached at (360) 279-5340 or rcoker@ohsd.net Please communicate medical conditions and/or medications with nursing staff as soon as possible before school starts and during the year if there are any changes.  Students who are feeling ill during the school day are encouraged to visit the OHI health room to be evaluated.  The health room staff will notify families if the student needs to go home for the day.  This ensures an efficient and appropriate student check-out process which is why we do not allow students to call home to request to be picked up.  Our health room staff are incredible and always available to care for and assess student health during the school day.  In addition, we have excellent & supportive counseling staff available for students in reference to issues other than physical health who will also reach out to families if needed.

    SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE: Healthy meals fuel healthy minds!  The FREE lunch service for ALL students is set to continue until December 31, 2020.  After that time, lunch payments may be made via our black lunch payment box in front of the attendance office window and must be labeled with your child’s name and lunch number.  Credit card payments are accepted online via Family Access or at our cashier’s office.  Free and Reduced Lunch program applications are available at our front office or online and must be resubmitted yearly.  Keep in mind that many military families will qualify for the program as calculations are based only on your taxed income.  Breakfast $2.20, Lunch $3.20.  Menus are available monthly on our website under the Meal Program.

    This year, lunch will be eaten and delivered to classrooms on hybrid days.  * Please see the District website for foodservice program details including distance learning pick-up and delivery schedule provided this year due to COVID/Distance learning plans.

    CELL PHONE POLICY: Your student’s learning is a priority. Thus, cell phones MUST be turned off and put away during the school day, including before and after school in the courtyard and buildings.  Students may use our designated phone in the front office to make important phone calls. Violations of this policy will result in cell phones being placed in the front office until the end of the day.  Our student discipline policy will be followed with subsequent infractions and can be found in our Student Handbook posted on our website.

    COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR STUDENT: All messages to your student must be communicated to the office by 1:30 P.M. unless it’s an emergency.  Please adhere to this policy as we cannot guarantee staff will be available to relay this message after 1:30 pm.

    FOOD/TREATS POLICY: Several of our children suffer from severe &/or life-threatening food allergies.  In addition, we have COVID-19 restrictions in place this school year that prevents us from sharing food. Food treats for celebrations will not be accepted or distributed.  You may consider fancy pencils, erasers, or similar if you would like for your child to share something with the class. Thank you in advance for your understanding and thoughtfulness toward all our students.

    PE UNIFORMS:  PE uniforms are not required. Your child should dress appropriately for activities and the weather, including appropriate footwear for PE and recess.

    LOCKERS:  Lockers are not used.  However, during the 4th quarter,  6th graders may practice using a locker combination in preparation for middle school.

    START & END TIMES:  Class time begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 2:50 PM.


    Website: www.ohsd.net/ohi



    Phone: 360.279.5300  /  Fax:  360.279.5399

    Office Hours: 8 a.m - 4 p.m.

    Email: ohis@ohsd.net

    Attendance: 360.279.5303

    Email: ohisattendance@ohsd.net