Classroom Support FAQ

  • What does it mean if I approve of MFLC Services for my Child?

    The MFLC counselor may interact with your child while in that classroom on that particular day and this gives the counselor permission to build a relationship with the child in the school setting.  This includes rapport building and addressing interpersonal challenges as they arise during the school day.  Should a child share a personal challenge, the goal is to provide support and care, then to redirect to classroom activities in order to prevent disruption of the child’s learning.

    Ongoing one-on-one counseling sessions are also available when requested by a parent for their child.  In this case, ongoing dialogue between the counselor and parent is preferred.  All counselor-child interactions must occur Line of Sight (LOS) of school staff or a parent. LOS is a “Program Standard” to maintain transparency. 

    What does it mean if I do not approve of MFLC Services for my Child?

    The MFLC counselor may have minor interactions with your child in the classroom setting by happenstance, however, the counselor will be mindful of the parent’s wishes and will not seek to build a rapport with your child.  If your child brings any personal challenges or emotional issues to the MFLC Counselor’s attention, the child will be provided with brief comfort and redirected to district staff.

    What if my family is not a “Service Connected” or a Military Family?

    The MFLC counselor may have minor interactions with your child in the classroom setting by happenstance.  The counselor will model healthy interpersonal interactions for all children.  Should any interpersonal or emotional challenges be brought to the counselor’s attention the child will be briefly comforted and redirected to district staff. 

    *Only consent forms filled by service-connected families will be kept for record*

    What other services are provided by MFLC Counselors?

    MFLC counselors provide confidential anonymous counseling services to service members and families in the form of Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling that can be provided at the school or in the community during or after school hours.  Sessions are anonymous and records are not kept.    

    MFLC Contact and School:

    Olympic View Elementary: Dallas Norman, 360.544.2680

    Broadview Elementary: Karen Harland, 360.682.7126

    Oak Harbor Intermediate: Sandra Heilman, 360.279.5322

    Oak Harbor Elementary: Yuri Gooding

    Video Teleconferencing Services

    Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are here to listen now more than ever. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MFLCs can now offer video teleconferencing services to help Service Members, spouses, children and staff address: 

    » Deployment and reintegration issues 

    » Marriage and relationship issues 

    » Parenting and family issues 

    » Communication challenges 

    » Stress and anxiety 

    » Sadness, grief and loss 

    » Daily life issues