Open Enrollment | October 26 - November 23, 2020

  • SEBB's 2nd annual open enrollment is just around the corner and you may have a lot of questions and concerns on your mind. This page provides some highlights of open enrollment, who to contact with questions, actions you can take, and where to find resources to help you make the best decision possible. Links to a variety of resources are posted within this page. Please keep in mind that what is included here is not all-encompassing. For complete details, reference SEBB's open enrollment webpage.

Dates to Remember

  • September 25 - November 23: Open enrollment information available on SEBB's webpage, including their virtual benefits fair (available 24/7)

    October 6: Health Care Authority will mail/email the latest intercom newsletter to employees.

    October 15: Health Care Authority hosting Facebook live event at 4:00pm.

    October 26 - November 23: Annual open enrollment dates

    November 30: Deadline to qualify for $125 SmartHealth wellness incentive

    January 1: Start of new plan year


  • SEBB My Account - Log in to your account, view current coverage, review address information, and make changes during open enrollment.

    SEBB’s Open Enrollment WebpageFind information to help you make your benefits decisions for 2021.

    SEBB’s Virtual Benefits Fair - Visit and explore SEBB’s Virtual Benefits Fair to learn more about all the benefits available. You will find links to videos, webinars, downloadable content, providers searches, and other information to help you choose the right benefits for you and your dependents. Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to explore at your own pace.

    SEBB’s Online Benefits Advisor (ALEX) - ALEX is SEBB’s interactive online benefits advisor, a virtual guide to helping you through the decision making process. Give ALEX a try!

    SEBB Open Enrollment Webinars - Kaiser Permante, Premera, Uniform Medical Plan, Willamette Dental Group, Navia Benefit Solutions, and The Standard Insurance Company will be offering webinars for open enrollment. Check out the open enrollment webinar page to see about signing up!

    2021 Employee Benefit Guide - The Partners Group has created a benefit guide to assist you as you move through the process of finding the right healthcare plan(s), highlighting some key questions to answer before you decide what coverage is right for your and your family.

    Aflac Steps Program - The Partners Group has worked closely with Aflac and the Health Care Authority to create a new program, which Oak Harbor Public Schools has elected to offer to employees. It is completely optional and includes plans for Accident, Critical Illness/Cancer, and Hospital. 

How to Prepare for Open Enrollment

  • If you would like to get a headstart on open enrollment, there are some things you can do to make life a little easier come October 26. Here are some ideas to help you be prepared:

    • Make sure you have your SEBB My Account username and password handy. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, use the ‘Forgot your username?’ or ‘Forgot your password?’ hyperlinks to get a username reminder or password reset. 
    • Login to SEBB My Account and view your current coverage to help you decide if you’d like to make changes.
    • Login to SEBB My Account and review your Residential and Mailing addresses to ensure it reflects your most current information (this can be found in the Profile section). Contact the Benefits Specialist for assistance if changes are needed.
    • Check out SEBB’s open enrollment webpage to learn more about 2021 benefits and plan changes.
    • Visit SEBB’s Virtual Benefits Fair.
    • Give ALEX a try! ALEX is SEBB’s interactive online benefits advisor, a virtual guide to helping you through the decision making process.
    • Attend the Health Care Authority’s Facebook live event on Thursday, October 15 at 4:00pm. You’ll learn about plan changes, get answers to your open enrollment questions, and more.
    • Sign up for an open enrollment webinar. Dates and times are listed on SEBB’s website.
    • If you are planning to enroll a dependent not previously on your plan, get dependent verification documents ready that you will use to verify. Learn more about dependent verification.
    • Contact carriers if you have questions about coverage, costs, and locating a provider in their network.

SEBB Program Information

  • Forms

  • Informational Bulletins

  • Eligibility

  • What's Included

  • Plans

  • Premiums and Rates Tables

  • Changes You Can Make

  • How to Make Changes

  • Who to Contact with Questions

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Contacts

  • Additional Benefit Contacts