Graduation 2021

  • Graduation day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the culmination of the past twelve years of school. All graduating students of Oak Harbor Public Schools have the opportunity to participate in this graduation ceremony.  As part of this ceremony, each student is required to attend the mandatory rehearsal.  In addition, per School Board Policy 2410P, students must wear a cap and gown in the proper manner for which it is intended in order to participate in the ceremony. Oak Harbor Highs school contracts with Josten's, a graduation apparel provider.  In an effort to make the graduation process as easy and stress-free as possible for graduates and families, please click the link. Josten's and Oak Harbor High School will continue to send out graduation information to ensure that all students are prepared for the amazing day.


     Contacts for Class of 2021 (360-279- Ext.)

    Ms. Otruba, Dean/Graduation Coordinator
    Ext. 5704

    Mr. Salisbury, Administration/Graduation  
    Ext. 5701 

    Mr. Fleury, Administration/Graduation  
    Ext. 5851

    Mr. Laiblin, Class Advisor                 
    Ext. 5737

    Ms. Schulle, A.S.B. Director              
    Ext. 5822

    Ms. Hilberdink, A-DI Counselor              
    Ext. 5712 

    Ms. Chargualaf, DO-K Counselor              
    Ext. 5713

    Ms. Mahoney, L-Q Counselor              
    Ext. 5714 

    Ms. Waller, R-We Counselor              
    Ext. 5716 

    Ms. Kellison, Wh-Z Counselor/ Scholarships  
    Ext. 5710  

    Ms. DeMarsh, Registrar    
    Ext. 5711/3801

     Ms. Harasti, A.S.B. Bookkeeper              
    Ext. 5818 

     Ms. White, Cashier              
    Ext. 5709 

    Ms. Jansen, Yearbook Advisor                    
    Ext. 5811                                                    


    Class of 2021 Officers:

    Keziah Rennes (President),
    Brenna Richard (Vice President 
    & Secretary),
    Apria Hunter-Brown (Treasurer),
    Khiya Robinson (Inter-High



    Senior Parent Information Presentation May 11, 2021, Time TBD- Learn about all our upcoming senior events including Graduation 2021!



  • Linda Otruba

    Communication Liaison for Graduation