Impact Aid Instructions

  • Log in to Skyward Family Access. At the top of the landing page, you will see a notification stating “An Online Form is now available to fill out."  There should be a notification for each of your children. Click the link “Fill out Online Form for “YOUR CHILD." There will be some directions toward the top, once you have read them click “next” toward the right of the page, which will open the survey. It is easier to fill out if you click “View Full Screen" and are using a desktop computer.

    Impact aid graphic 1

    Impact aid graphic

    If you live in military housing you will type the name of the federal property in the box below your address. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island or NASWI is sufficient for that box. If you do not live in Military housing you may leave that box blank.  There is a drop-down below that allows you to tell us your affiliation with the Federal Government, if you have one. Select the most appropriate option that applies to you.

    impact aid graphic 2

    If you or your spouse is a civilian, you will fill out the "Parent/Guardian Employment Information: Civilian" section.  If you or your spouse are a civilian who works on Federal Property please include any of the companies located on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island property or any of its satellite properties like Regatta Child Care Center, Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center, HomeConnection or any of the Tribal owned casinos like Swinomish, Quil Ceda Creek Casino, Angel of the Winds Casino, etc. You will need to fill in the address of the employer and the address of the Federal Property. Sometimes those addresses are the same, sometimes you will list the address of the employer, and then list the address of NASWI as the address of Federal Property.

    If you are a civilian who doesn't work on Federal Property still complete this section of the form. Then sign, date and complete the form.  

    Civilian Graphic

    If you or your spouse are Active Duty Military you will need to type their name, branch of service, and rank. If this does not apply to you, please leave blank. 

    Active Service

    If you or your spouse is a Foreign Military Officer you will need to type in their name, branch of service, rank, and the name of the country for which they serve.


    To sign the form, prior to submitting, you will type your name, use the drop-down to select agree to affirm the information is correct, and type in the date. You will “Exit Full Screen” and click on the “Complete Step 1 and move to Step 2” radio button at the bottom. At the next screen, you will click the “Submit 2021 Impact Aid Survey”.

    If you have multiple children in the district you will need to do this for each of your children.



    If you make a mistake you can go back into your survey(s) by clicking on the “Online Forms” radio button toward the left of Skyward Family Access, choose which of your children’s forms you want to edit, and click “View Form”. Once there you click “Mark as not completed and make changes” toward the top right, then “1. 2021 Impact Aid Program Survey”, and finally “Edit Step 1” at the bottom. This will allow you to make any necessary changes you need to make. Then just submit it again as you did previously.


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    impact aid edit