Student Emails and Google Accounts

  • Student emails have changed. The new email format is:

      • First 5 letters of the students Last Name
      • First 3 letters of the students First Name
      • 3 Digits starting with 000 that increment to prevent duplication.

    Their initial password is “oak(lunchnumber)”

    For example:



    If you're having trouble logging in, please call the front desk at (360) 279-5500.

Chromebooks for Student Use

  • Chromebooks are issued at the beginning of the school year.  If you have any complications, please contact our Information Services Department at 360.279.5589. 

    Summary of Primary Responsibilities

    Students agree to the following responsibilities before, during, and after school whether they are on or off-campus.

    • Use responsibly and ethically to support learning and school appropriate functions.
    • Protect/secure the Chromebook (in its district-issued case) along with charging cord.
    • Students should not loan their chromebook or charger to fellow students.
    • Bring to school daily, full-charged.

    The parent or guardian agrees to monitor student use at home, and away from school.  The best way to keep students safe and on-task is to have a parent or guardian present and involved.

    • Talk to your child about values and the standards that they should follow when using the internet.
    • Be active participants by asking your child to show you what sites they are navigating and how they are being used in your child’s education.
    • Encourage balanced and healthy digital media use.

    Device Loss and Damage

    If your student has misplaced their chromebook or charger, it is their responsibility to communicate with the library first and then office staff to ensure it has not been turned in.  We try to provide loaner chromebooks and charging cords to students; they're provided on a first come first serve basis due to limited quantities.  

    The district realizes that accidents can happen.  In an effort to minimize expenses to the school district and families, the grid below explains the potential costs to families in the event of damage or theft of a student device or charging cord.  In addition, Oak Harbor Public Schools installs tracking software on Chromebooks.

    Repair/Replacement Fee 

    First Instance   

    Second Instance   

    All Other

    Accidental Damage


    Full cost of repair

    Full cost of repair

    Theft (with police report)


    Full cost to replace

    Full cost to replace

    Loss or damage due to negligence   

    50% of cost

    Full cost to replace

    Full cost to replace

Chromebook Instructions

  • How to Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi
    To connect to the Internet, use a compatible Wi-Fi network.

    Step 1: Turn on Wi-Fi

    1. At the bottom right, select the time.

    2. Select Not Connected. Note: If you see your Wi-Fi network name and signal strength, your Chrome-
    book is already connected to Wi-Fi.

    3. Your Chromebook will automatically look for available networks and show them to you in a list.

    Step 2: Pick a network and connect

    1. Select the secure Wi-Fi network.
    2. Type the network password.
    3. Select Connect.

    Can’t connect Chrome device to the network
    Your Chrome device is currently unable to connect to the Internet and complete the setup process.

    1. Make sure the network you’re connected to is properly set up and able to access the Internet.
    2. Try connecting your device to a different network.

    Technical Support
    If you experience issues with your Chromebook not responding, try powering the Chromebook off and turning on.

    We are able to offer limited remote support for issues with your Chromebook and can not guarantee the availability of support throughout the break. If you are experiencing issues that are not resolved by these steps, please contact 360-279-5589.

    Chromebook Cleaning
    To clean your Chromebook use a disinfecting wipe or spray cleaner onto a cloth and wipe the surfaces. Do Not Use Bleach on the Chromebook screen. Do not spray the Chromebook directly with cleaner.