• Our Payroll staff are part of the Business Services department. They handle a range of services for employees including setting up direct deposits to employee accounts, withholding of federal and state taxes, and other payroll functions.


    All employees and substitutes are paid on the last business day of the month.

    Direct Deposit

    All Oak Harbor Public Schools employees are eligible for direct deposit. Direct deposit is recommended to avoid delay in receiving a paycheck as a result of the postal service. With direct deposit, paychecks are placed in the account on payday. To enroll in direct deposit, please complete the direct deposit form and return it to the Payroll Office. The direct deposit will process on the next available payday.

    Tax Forms

    In order for Oak Harbor Public Schools to withhold Federal and State income taxes from a paycheck, it is necessary to complete the correct forms. Any employee who does not complete these forms will be set at the default of single status with zero allowances. Payroll staff cannot recommend what status or number of allowances employees should claim for payroll purposes. Employees should contact a tax expert if they need assistance.

    Substitute Timecards
    All substitutes must turn in a timecard before the fifth day of the month to get paid for the prior month. 
    Certificated Payroll
    Kristi Coffey

    Classified Payroll
    Michele Laiblin
    Substitute Payroll