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  • 2020 has been hard enough! The last thing many of our families need is more expenses.  We've got you covered!

    Our generous community, through local levies, has enabled us to provide all of the school supplies needed for the 2020-21 school year! We understand many families enjoy the process of purchasing school supplies for their students.  Families who wish to purchase their own school supplies are more than welcome to do so, but it won’t be required.

    Your student(s) will receive the following: 

    Regular school supplies, including pencils, crayons, glue, folders, notebooks, etc.

    Drawstring backpack

    Water Bottle


    Headphones (to be kept at school)

    In addition, each student who is enrolled in Oak Harbor Public Schools (Distance Learning, Hybrid Rotation, Oak Harbor Virtual Academy, and HomeConnection) will receive a district-issued Chromebook.  The device is intended for school use at home or at our school sites.