4th Grade | Art Overview

  • The fourth graders are an ambitious creative group that I will surely miss.  Throughout the year they focused on art concepts of color theory, values through shading techniques,  the illusion of depth and perspective, vanishing point, converging and undulating line,  3-D solid and hollow forms, implying texture and creating actual texture. Through their practice of self- assessing their progress, they became adept in identifying the elements of principles in their own work. 

    They developed excellence through practice and constructive critique, reflecting on, revising, and refining work overtime. They learned to pace themselves and to persist, working through visual arts problems and ensuring their best craftsmanship.  A few weeks before closure, they opted to take on more complex clay sculptures, miniature castles, which typically is an eighth-grade art project. I am so proud of them and the level of creativity and craftsmanship that was achieved through their hard work.