3rd Graders | 7 Habits Through Art

  • Many third graders demonstrated leadership through this year’s art projects and its practices.  Our newly adopted, Leader and Me programming influenced their art- New growth mindsets were expressed while they worked together and resolved any issues through thinking “Win-Win”, and “ First Seeking to Understand, before being Understood.” Students were proactive in their approach to a project by researching and planning their Love to Learn posters and/ or textured owls at home. They brought their research and ideas back to art for further development and refining during their class time. This was Owlsome!  

    Regretfully, the one project this art show is missing is the third graders Birches in Autumn.   These masterpieces were shared at student/teacher fall conferences and then most went home.  This fall landscape will hopefully be something you cherish and display.  Students delved deep to focus and apply the important watercolor techniques and tricks for creating a sense of distance/perspective that express realistic fall landscapes.   

    I look forward to supporting these 3rd graders as they grow and mature into the new OHE fourth graders, the leaders in our school.