Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Please read the following directions carefully to begin our online enrollment process.  This process is for families who have a child already enrolled in the district and need to enroll another child. 

    1. Log into Skyward Family Access


    2. After logging in, click on the link in the upper right-hand corner labeled, "New Student Online Enrollment. 

    3. Fill out Student Information in Step 1 and click on "Complete Step 1 and move to Step 2: Family Guardian Information"

      Step 7

    4. Fill out the Family/Guardian Information and click the appropriate following action.
    5. Fill out the appropriate information and click "Complete Step 2 and move to Step 3: Emergency Contact Information."
    6. Add emergency contact information.  This should be different than the parent/guardians previously listed. 
    7. After you've finished filling your emergency contacts click, "No, Complete Step 4 and move to Step 5: Requested Documents. 
    8. Choose the files you wish to upload (It's important to note that your child may not begin school until this information is received."
    9. Click "Complete Step 5 and move to Step6: Additional District Forms. 
    10. Click on each of the district forms and carefully fill them out. 
    11. Click on "Complete Step 6."
    12. After all the steps are completed, click on "Submit Application to the District."