Google Meet

  • Google Meet Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet, is built to let dozens of students join the same virtual meeting, and speak or share video with their classmates. 

    It's meant for use by teachers to connect and engage with their students.  It will be the district's primary source of virtual direct-connection.  All Google Meet visits will be set-up by your child's teacher through your child's email or your teacher's Google Classroom.  

    Google Meet organizer (teacher) can share whatever is on their screen with their students and can control the classes' individual audio and/or video feeds.  Please review the following tutorials to help you get started. 

Accessibility Features

    • Live captions—Display captions of the person speaking so that participants who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can follow what’s said in video meetings. If you record a video meeting, captions are not recorded and don't appear when you play the recording.
      See: Use captions in a video meeting

    • Screen readers and magnifiers—Blind and low-vision users can use the built-in screen reader, full-page zoom, high-contrast color, and accessibility extensions in Chrome Browser.
      See: Google accessibility products and features

    • Keyboard shortcuts—Users can control the camera and microphone and open accessibility features using the keyboard. 
      See: Keyboard shortcuts

    • Google meeting room hardware—Hard-of-hearing and low-vision users can use spoken feedback and live captions on Google meet hardware and Chromebox and Chromebase for meetings.
      See: Google meeting room hardware accessibility